Amir has a very distinct memory of the first time he rode a bicycle as a child. It was a blue bike with a banana seat. His dad, ever cautious, duct-taped a broom to the back of the bike so he could run behind him and avoid a major spill.


Amir had already checked out another bike shop in town when he first came into Cardinal. He was impressed with the large selection, so he decided to get serious about shopping there for a bike. That’s when he met Stratton Delany. ‘Stratton was a great help in choosing my bike. We narrowed it down to a Trek Domane and a Specialized Roubaix. Stratton made me aware that at that time, Specialized was offering a deal that allowed me to upgrade my selection for a nominal fee, so I went with the Roubaix. I’ve made multiple visits to Cardinal since, and have always been satisfied. I’ve also gone on a group ride with Stratton that was very enjoyable’.


Several years ago, after getting injured while running, Amir decided to try cycling as an alternate source of exercise and never looked back. But when he first moved to Roanoke, he was intimidated by the hilly terrain. Thanks to Cardinal, and to his selected Roubaix, his fears are gone. ‘I’m excited to hit the hills, now’, says Amir.