Alex learned to ride a bike relatively late as a kid—probably not until she was 10 years old. She moved into a neighborhood where she was the only kid who didn’t have a bike and she wanted to learn without revealing her shameful secret. So her mom did what good moms do…she drove her to an empty Kmart parking lot so she could practice until she learned.


Alex was new to cycling when she recently started riding, and Cardinal Bicycle was highly recommended to her by friends who knew that the staff was knowledgeable and had experienced shopping from the large variety of bikes.

On her first visit, she was immediately assisted by Devin, a staff member who spent over two hours with her. When she told him she was looking for a beginner-friendly bike, he showed her a few options that would fit her needs and price range. ‘I was able to test ride several bikes and once I found my bike, he worked with me to get it fully-outfitted with all of the essentials’, says Alex. ‘My customer service experience was superb, particularly for a cycling beginner. Cycling can be an intimidating sport for a newbie—Cardinal provided me with friendly, competent, and thorough customer service that helped me feel comfortable and embark on a new hobby that I’ve already grown to love.’


Alex landed on a Liv hybrid bike, which she loves. She chose the hybrid because of its reasonable price and versatility. Any way she wants to ride, this bike works –she can take it out on the roads for a hard workout, to Carvin’s Cove to hit the trails, or just a leisurely ride on the Greenway. Cardinal helped her choose by picking a few varieties for a test ride and reviewing the pros and cons of each. ‘If you need a lot of assistance, Cardinal will do more than just help you pick out a bike. They will help you fully prepare for your cycling experience by outfitting your bike, drilling skills, and providing a warm welcome to the cycling community!’


Pictured Left: Alex is mother to two Corgi fur babies, Mosby and Winston.