There wasn’t any pivotal moment that got Cassandra into cycling.  She literally just woke up one day and said “I want to try this,” and then– she went for it.  Turns out she loves to ride, mountain bikes especially.  She’s now been riding 3 and a half years, but that very first day she walked into Cardinal Bicycle, she admits she was a little intimidated. ‘I knew nothing about riding’, she says ‘but the staff was so nice and made me feel really comfortable.  I started out with a basic mountain bike.  I quickly learned to trust the staff and their recommendations. After my first bike I felt comfortable enough asking what my next bike should be’.


Cassandra’s next bike was a Fat Tire bike, which she absolutely loves, and she picked it out at Cardinal. She’s always had positive experiences working with the staff, discussing the bicycles and even sometimes getting trail information when she’s looking for a new place to ride.  But the experience that sticks out the most in her mind is when she brought her bike in one day to fix a flat tire.  It was on one of the shops slower days and one of the staff members asked if she wanted to learn how to change a tire herself.  So, they sat down on the floor and he showed her how to change it first and then he walked her through the process.  ‘You don’t get much better service than that!’, she smiles. ‘And it’s nice to have a shop that actually roots for your success!’