David’s earliest memory is being about 4 years old and not liking his training wheels, so he took them off himself. He then rode his little bike down the sidewalk, promptly crashed into a tree and cut his knee open. He’s been crashing into trees and cutting knees open ever since. At the age of 13 he started training for a triathalon with some help from other cyclists. He only had a mountain bike, but he was determined. He raced and had an absolute blast. Now, he’s branched out from triathlons to all major disciplines, but he still remembers his roots.

David has been a Cardinal Bicycle customer for 8 years. The first time he walked in as a very young customer, he remembers thinking “Wow there are a lot of bikes here.”


David has a Specialized Epic Hardtail and a custom Allez Sprint Disc. He’s always ridden mountain bikes through Cardinal. I Starting on a Raleigh at age 11, he then progressed to a Giant, but has ridden Specialized for the last several years. Recently, a project build through Cardinal finally came together. He’d spent years riding Trek but had his eyes on an Allez Sprint. He approached Cardinal about helping him build one and they responded with excitement. The finished product is everything he wanted.


Over the years David says he’s been supremely impressed with the quality of their work and their interest not only in the bike, but also the rider. There have been many emergency drop-ins due to a destroyed derailleur the day before, or a race or a sliced brake line and they have always been able to work with him to keep him rolling rubber side down. It’s not unusual for him to come in multiple times with last second repair/service needs a day or so before a race and they have always been able to accommodate him. It might have taken some overnight shipping to get it done but they did it!

‘While it may seem Cardinal only has entry to mid-level bikes when you are walking around their showroom,’ says David, ‘they can get you anything from an Epic Comp, to a Sworks Tarmac to a full custom build. And not only can they get these bikes for you but will keep them expertly maintained and serviced until you are ready for an upgrade. The shop to takes you from A to B to C and through all the rest of the alphabet.’